lornapoetry by davidjoannes, february, 2001


that nostalgic moon)whisks me
away to secret gardens of
delicious memory only
you and i are aware of those
playful days laying with
our eyes to the night Pleiades
grass blades prickly
on our backs.can’t completely
remember our mortal words
only immortal motions
within our hearts flirting
whispers attracting my imagin
ation.moon still singing songs
i’ve heard before(barren of
explanatory words because
rhythm climax chorus are
a scent,a memory)
of non-fiction fantasy
of daydreamy reality
a moment alone with you.


(the three golden stars of Rizal
meant nothing to me that moment
because I was the richest
poor man under the young moon
blowing kisses with gazing eyelids
in the darkgreen grassy park

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