David Joannes is a the Founder/President of Within Reach Global Inc., husband to Lorna Joannes, proud father, writer, missionalist, creative consultant, and videographer.

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  1. David, I like your blog and appreciate the mission work you are doing. I’ve nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You see more details in my post at http://waywardjourney.com/2013/01/02/very-inspiring-blogger-and-sunshine-awards/. Keep up the good work! – Jay

  2. You have an interesting blog running here. i am impressed by the work you are doing . I guess I will be hanging around here a lot appreciating your work. Good luck 🙂

    • thanks a lot! haven’t updated here in a while because i have everything going at http://www.davidjoannes.com but maybe i should still post here, or send feeds to this blog. take care!

      • Maybe you should. Maybe it might make the entire wordpress community a small part of your big mission. i wish you all the very best. Would love to read your newsletters.

      • good point. I would love to find a way to have everything I post at http://www.davidjoannes.com (a lot of stuff!) to forward to this blog. Have not been successful yet. Blessings!

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